TEXFAB INDIA is a leading manufacturers and exporters of handloom cotton rugs and bathmats including Hathras made chenille rugs, premium shaggy rugs, designed and shaped bathmats and leather Viscose rugs. With ten years of experience in the industry we have maintained quality standards and customer satisfaction. Texfab India's unique selling proposition is founded on the concept of customizing the exquisite range, which is tailor-made to suit our client's requirements and specifications.

1. Hand made chenille Rugs: These rugs are exclusively manufactured in Hathras by skilled labour by using ancient techniques and no machinery is used in the process.

2. Bathmats:

i. Designed : Various kind of designs include High/low pile, Border shaggy, Box designs, Geometric designs, animal designs etc.

ii. Shaped : Various kind of designs include Floral, Leaf, Animals in shaped rugs etc.

3. Shaggy Rugs: Item includes Plain shaggy in 1mm to 10mm machine made chenille, various combination of cut-pile and Loop-pile chenille.

4. Chindi Rugs: Items include Leather chindi, cotton chindi, leather rayon, leather jute, leather and cotton shaggy rugs etc.

5. Durries: Various kind of durries, cut-shuttle rayon, paddle designs, plain etc.

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