TEXFAB INDIA is pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of handloom cotton rugs and bathmats including Hathras made chenille rugs, premium shaggy rugs, designed, shaped bathmats and leather Viscose rugs. With ten years of experience in the industry we have maintained quality standards and customer satisfaction. The manufacturing unit is equipped with infrastructure of 80 looms and 70 tufting machines with capacity of 5 Lakhs Sq. Ft. of Rugs per month located at Hathras, 165 Km. From Delhi. The site is connected by motor-able roads and railways. Texfab India's unique selling proposition is founded on the concept of customizing the exquisite range, which is tailor-made to suit our client's requirements and specifications.

Promoted by the first generation Entrepreneur, TexFab India is led by young and enthusiastic Director - Mr. Amit Khetan, the operational and administrative support is provided by talented team of professionally competent leaders at various echelons. The organizational details enclosed. Some of the Salient Features of the Organization are:-
1. PRODUCTION PLANNING AND CONTROL:- This department is taking care of the "Incoming order" and takes all the necessary action. Check material stock and order for the material stock shortfall. The customer order is tracked by computer in the production process, ON-LINE, to ensure the scheduled delivery committed to customer. Any deviation is reported to the Top Management for corrective action on daily basis.
2. PRODUCTION:- Based on the production plan Machine scheduling by production dept. allots the time slots of a particular order at various sections in harmony with several other orders already under process. Any problem of non-availability of inputs at various stages or process problems are look after and rescheduling is done on daily basis.
3. QUALITY ASSUARANCE:- It develops various 'stage' inspection standards for effective process control. The online inspection is done in dyeing/cutting/finishing and Incoming Material Inspection is done off line. The final inspection is also done offline before packing.
4. WASTE MATERIAL CELL:- Waste generated at various stages is studied. Efforts are made to reduce, reuse and correctly dispose it off.
5. FINANCE:- This department handles total financial functions of Working capital management on day-to-day basis, preparation of Invoices, besides day-to-day bookkeeping.
6. STORES AND PURCHASES:- The store has inventory system having orders triggered on minimum stock / stock out or anticipated stock. Purchase orders are issued and ensure "Just in Time" inventory for the production.
7. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT:- We are designing in-house Designs as well as Designs as per Customer's Specifications, Drawings, Photographs etc
Address :

Showroom & Sales Office

Head Office
C-167, Sector-49, Noida-201301. (U.P.)
Industrial Area, Hathras-204 101 (U.P.)

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